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A common cause for vent lint buildup is poor air flow. This can be caused by lint buildup within the dryers air blower assembly,  internal air ducts or lint filter housing. This will slow the air flow to a point where the lint backs up and builds up in your vent.

Another culprit responsible for poor air flow is the vent between the dryer and the wall. It can collapse or be squashed restricting air flow. You must leave the door open on a closed laundry area, your dryer can use 20 or more cubic feet of air per minute. More airflow means  faster drying time and slower lint buildup  Many roof vents have a screen (which may clog) and require cleaning.

The easiest way to diagnose a slow drying problem is open the doors to the room where the dryer is for external ventilation, then disconnect the vent at the dryer, run a normal load thru a dry cycle and check drying time. If you have a  gas dryer, make sure the room has adequate outdoor ventilation,( a poorly performing GAS appliance can create CARBON MONOXIDE), which is harmful to humans and pets. With gas appliances, be sure to have working carbon monoxide detectors in your home.

If it still dries slow then call us, the problem most likely is the dryer,dryer lint

if the load dries normally then call us,  the problem  resides in the vent system.


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